Terms Conditions

Please make sure that all details are correct on the order form including spellings of names, dates of birth etc. We can not be held responsible for any errors made on the order form.

Please understand that all fingerprints are unique and some are more defined than others. It should be noted that generally the younger the child the less defined the fingerprint will be. Even if the clarity of the fingerprint is not very clear, the indentation is still very much a fingerprint.

Payment for goods shall be made when the order is placed.

All jewellery links should be treated with care as they can open or break if mistreated. 

All pieces are made from fine silver. Silver is a soft metal and can scratch. Please take care not to scratch or knock against any hard surface as this may damage the silver. If your item is worn everyday you should expect it to gradually age. Please note that I wear my childrens fingerprint pendants everyday and they have aged but are still shiny and beautiful. 

Please use a silver jewellery cleaning cloth to polish your jewellery. Do not immerse in jewellery cleaning solution as this is likely to remove the antiquing effect and dull the print. It is advisable to remove your jewellery when swimming as chlorine can permanently damage/discolour fine silver.

By placing an order and confirming your email address, Moment In Time Jewellery may send you emails from time to time with promotions and social media links. If you would prefer to opt out, please email claire@momentintimejewellery.co.uk confirming 'Opt Out'