We know that your pet is a very special member of your family.

That wet nose that wakes you in the morning, that nudges you for a walk and finds its way into your hand when you're sitting quietly.

That paw print on the wet pavement or sandy beach reminding you of the beautiful walk with your 4 legged friend.

That unconditional love can be captured in our nose print and paw print jewellery.

Our unique paw print jewellery is made using a miniaturised version of your pets very own paw print.  We send you our special kit for taking your pets paw print or we can use a print you may already have.  

Our special nose print jewellery is made using a mould from your pets very own nose.  We provide the kit for taking your animals nose print.  Their nose will only be in contact with the moulding kit for a few seconds and wont cause any harm or discomfort.

The jewellery is then hand crafted in solid silver and comes in our very own Moment In Time gift box.