Taking A Print

 Step 1

You will receive your kit in the post 1-2 days after placing your order.

The kit includes a pot of blue putty, a pot of white putty, a bag, order form,

instructions and a pre paid envelope.

Step 2

Take half the blue putty and half the white putty.
Mix the 2 colours together and roll into a ball.
Place on a flat surface.

Step 3

Push the finger flat into the ball of putty.

Step 4

The finger can be removed and the fingerprint will be imprinted into the putty.
Leave for 30 minutes at room temperature by which time it will have set hard.
Pop into the plastic bag provided and return to me in the pre paid envelope.
Repeat the process with the remaining blue and white putty.
Please return both moulds and I will use the best one for your jewellery.


Top Tips

• Mix the 2 colours together and take the print BEFORE mixing the next 2 colours together
• Make sure that the 2 separate colour compounds have been combined evenly and that there is no
marbling in colour.
• Mix the 2 colour compounds together as QUICKLY as possible to allow maximum time to take the
fingerprint before it starts to go hard.
• Press your child's finger quite firmly into the compound and then remove immediately. Do not
move it around in the compound as this will blur the fingerprint.
• Once the compound has hardened, try not to handle the area where the fingerprint is, as this may
blur it.
It is always best if you can grab some help when you are taking the moulds, 2
pairs of hands are better than 1!
If you are taking a young babies prints, it may be worth trying when they are
The putty is perfectly safe to use but we would always recommend that you
wash your child’s hands thoroughly after taking the moulds.
Please make sure that your child does not put the compound in their mouth or
swallow it. If this happens, please seek medical advice.
You will receive enough putty to take the fingerprints for your ordered item of
jewellery. Should you require more moulding putty, please order via the
fingerprint jewellery page on the website.